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Are you really going to take the first price you are given by the very first funeral Director you speak to? When you make other significant purchases do you shop around for the best price that still affords you the quality you want or do you buy from the first shop you go to regardless of the price?

Did you know funeral directors prices can vary massively? There can sometimes be a difference of £1000 or more. Here’s how to avoid being over charged;

  1. Phone all the local funeral directors you can find
  2. Give them the exact same specification you require for the funeral service, don’t alter it during the phone around otherwise you will not get a true reflection on prices
  3. Compare the prices you have been given and make your decision

Funerals are, and should be, specific to the requirements of the family of the deceased.

At Benedict Funerals we pride ourselves on offering the funeral you want at exceptional value for money.

You decide

You decide exactly what it is you want. Just ask us for the cost of each item  Here are some examples:

  • Do you want the funeral to include a religious service or would you prefer a non religious funeral service? You decide.
  • Do you want to use our traditional hearse or would you prefer a horse drawn hearse, or perhaps  you want a motor cycle hearse? The Choice is yours.
  • Do you want one or more limousines to follow behind the hearse?
  • Perhaps you want your loved one buried at sea?
  • Do you want a basic coffin or a high class coffin or an eco friendly coffin or perhaps you want a casket?
  • Do you want an organist or singer to perform at the service?
  • Do you want a cremation or burial?
  • Do you want a memorial head stone?
  • Do you want us to arrange light refreshments at a reception venue, for after the funeral?
  • Do you want memorial cards to send to friends and relatives?
  • Do you want Order of Service leaflets?
  • Do you have other special requirements, such a white Doves being released at the funeral service?
  • Do you want your loved one to be embalmed?

Please discuss with us your exact requirements. We will tell you up front, and in writing, exactly what everything will cost.

Lowest Price

Our aim is to be the lowest priced funeral service in Bedfordshire and North Hertfordshire, without compromising on quality. Our standards are genuinely high,  just look at what people are saying about us;

At a time when you need someone to take care of things; Peter, Joseph and their team really exceeded our expectations.  Clearly, organising a funeral is something that most of us dread and Benedict Funeral Directors helped us immensely.  Peter led the service on the day and showed our family the utmost respect, patience, consideration and kindness that one could ever wish for. 

Finally, as cost is always a concern; Benedict Funeral Directors are very reasonably priced and never once attempted to sell us anything that we didn’t need.

I personally could not rate them any higher.

Keith Flanagan, November 2014

Financial help with the cost of a funeral

Under certain circumstances help with the cost of a funeral may be available. Click on the links below for details.