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Information on the Legal Services we provide through Benedict Funeral Directors Ltd

We would all like to think that we will be able to leave behind for our loved ones more than just happy memories, whether that’s your home, your savings, a pension or personal belongings. It therefore makes sense to ensure that those things are protected and by planning ahead now, you can ensure that the things that are important to you are given to those you would like to have them. It also gives you an opportunity to decide what you want to happen when the time comes which will not only save your family money, but also avoid any problems in the future.

Find out more about Benedict Funeral Directors Ltd specialist legal services products below.

Last Will And Testament
A Will lets you safeguard the important things in your life, for the people you love.
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Lasting Power of Attorney
Stay in control of your affairs now –
while making things easier for your loved ones in the future.
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Property Protection Trust
Protect your most valuable asset.
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The Probate Plan
Pre-pay probate now to save money and hassle in the future.
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Family Protection Trust
The all-in-one way to protect your assets and your loved ones.
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Golden Charter Later Life Planning