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Making your Will

will-imageMaking a Will is a simple way of expressing your wishes for what you would like to happen when you are no longer here. It provides you with an opportunity to specify exactly who will receive what and helps to prevent unnecessary stress and hassle for your loved ones.

A professional Last Will and Testament via Benedict Funeral Directors Ltd will be professionally written, ensuring that your Last Will and Testament is completely legal and valid. It’s important to know that your wishes will be legally fulfilled.

An easy way to make your final wishes clear:

  • Detail who will inherit what from your estate: money, property, possessions, personal mementos or charitable donations
  • A comprehensively drafted Will can protect your loved ones and avoid complications and disputes after you die
  • It is important to keep your Will up to date with regular reviews to record any changes in circumstances

If you do not make a Will, or keep it updated:

  • The rules of intestacy apply – which is a long and extremely complicated process
  • The people you love may wait longer to receive what you wanted them to
  • Final decisions about who receives what from your estate may be made by the courts

Do not leave it to chance

Whether it’s writing or updating your Will, considering ways to protect your assets, or organising a funeral plan, many of us do not set aside the time to make arrangements for the future.

Through Benedict Funeral Directors Ltd, we make it simple to manage your affairs and plan ahead. Not only is this reassuring but it can also save you money too. In addition, you can protect your loved ones from unnecessary stress or concern by getting things in order now.

How much does it cost?

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