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property-imageDid you know that when you die, the care costs for your partner may be funded using your half of your home’s value?

By arranging a Property Protection Trust you can help protect your share, ensuing that it gets passed on to the people you choose.

An easy way to protect your home

A Property Protection Trust arranged by Benedict Funeral Directors Ltd gives you the peace of mind that if your surviving partner were in a situation where they needed care, your share may not be used to fund those care costs. In addition, if they were to remarry then your share will not be passed to another family.

The surviving partner can still continue to live in the home for as long as they wish, and even move house if they would like to.

Property Protection Trust

  • A cost effecting and affordable way to protect your share of your home’s value
  • You can nominate who will inherit your share
  • A simple, one-off fixed cost

How much does it cost?

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