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Arlesey Funeral Home and TeamBenedict Funeral Directors are your local, independent, family owned and run, undertakers.

Being a family business brings certain advantages with it, namely you are assured of our personal touch; total respect, honesty and compassion. Part of that respect is to let you know your options. Funerals are one off events and they can be relatively simple or very extravagant. No one wants to deal with an Undertaker who is only interested in sales and that is why our promise to you is one of honesty. We will tell you the truth about what your options are. Be assured no matter what you choose, be it simple or extravagant, our respect to you and your loved one will not change. It’s what makes us who we are.

Our Family – News

Katie – 13/02/2020

 We are delighted to welcome Katie to both Benedict Funeral Directors Ltd and our own personal family. Joe and Kate Benedict Funeral Directors
Katie will marry Joe on 18th July 2020 meaning she will help to continue Benedict Funeral Directors as a true local family run business. Peter says “Joe has got himself a beautiful lady in Katie and it’s abundantly clear how well they gel. From our company’s point of view the very fact she has agreed to work as part of our team couldn’t be better. Joe is a company director in Benedict Funeral Directors and now Katie is marrying him what could be better? as she has a vested interest in making certain our company serves the public to the best of our ability.

God bless you Doug – 13/02/2020

It is with much sadness we announce the passing of our beloved Douglas Wills. Doug was Peter’s father-in-law and Joseph’s grandad. Right up until about 3 days before he died at the age of 87 years. Doug Wills Benedict Funeral Directors
Doug was helping out with the funeral business as needed. He was that liked by so many, that at his funeral at North Hertfordshire Memorial Park and Crematorium (Holwell, Hitchin) even one of the grave diggers we use travelled from his London home, so as to show his sign of respect to Doug.
Doug death was very sudden. He died on 1st January 2020. Peter says that morning we were at home, Doug was talking to me, then he got up, walked up the stairs and literally dropped dead. Despite my best efforts and then those of the emergency services (they responded so fast) we could not save him. My wife and I were naturally thrown into a state of shock and grief.
Doug really was a great friend to me, and I am pleased to have had him as my father-in-law. May God have mercy on his soul and may he rest in peace and rise in glory.

SAIF Member

When you or your family suffers the loss of a loved one, your local, independent funeral director is the SAIF option. As a member of the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors, you can be assured a SAIF funeral director will offer a personal, friendly and sensitive service and one that is flexible to your needs.

Remember, like you, your SAIF funeral director is part of your community.

Benedict Funerals are a SAIF Member

Serving towns and villages in North Hertfordshire, South Bedfordshire, Central Bedfordshire and North Bedfordshire