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Repatriation of Deceased

Repatriation Services

If your loved one has died in Bedfordshire or North Hertfordshire and you want to repatriate them to their  country of origin or citizenship,  we can help. Our repatriation service takes care of it all.

Simply tell us which country you want your loved one repatriated to and we will make it happen.

Our service includes:

  • Telling you up front and in writing what it will cost
  • Collecting the deceased from their current location (home or hospital) and taking them into our care
  • Offering you the chance to use our Chapel Of Rest, affording you time with your loved one prior to them leaving this country
  • Taking care of the documentation required for repatriation
  • Providing a zinc lined coffin (legally required)
  • Embalming the deceased (legally required)
  • Dressing the deceased ready for their onward journey
  • Making the flight arrangements
  • Taking the deceased to the appropriate UK airport for their out-bound journey
  • Keeping you informed  of the flight departure / arrival date and times
  • Liaising with an Undertaker in the destination country who will meet your loved one at the in-bound airport

Benedict International Repatriation, A Worldwide Service

Telephone us 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
Henlow Camp Tel: 01462 337 684
Houghton Regis Tel: 01582 249 268