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Star Galaxy Granite Heart
Star Galaxy Granite
Heart 22”x24”x4”
Column 18”x8”x6”
Base 4”x24”x24” This heart is rounded on all edges giving a cushioned effect.


Aurora Granite Heart
Aurora Granite Heart 18”x18”x4”
Rest and Base 4”x22”x18”
An exclusuive cremation memorial with hand carved roses.
Ruby Red Granite Hearts
Ruby Red Granite Hearts 16”x28”x3”
Base 3”x30”x15”
Double hearts entwined signifying undying love.
Dense Black Granite Heart
Dense Black Granite Heart 16”x28”x3”
Base 3”x30”x1’3”
A delicately hand carved and highlighted Lily divides the double heart


Star Galaxy Granite Heart
Star Galaxy Granite Heart 18”x18”x3”
Rest 12”x6”x4”
Base 3”x22”x14” The simple and classic cremation heart.
Dense Black Granite
Dense Black Granite
HS 33”x24”x3”
Base 3”x30”x12”
Natural hand carved roses emphasise the shape of this heart memorial.


Dense Black Granit
Dense Black Granite
HS 27”x21”x3”
Base 3”x24”x12”
Ever popular heart design with roses. Can be plain or painted in any colour


Imperial Red Granite
Imperial Red Granite
HS 33”x26”x6”
Base 4”x30”x12”
A beautifully carved angel holds a heart.
Emerald Pearl Granite
Emerald Pearl Granite
HS 30”x30”x3”
Base 3”x30”x12”
A representation of a broken heart.
Dense Black Granite Two swans Ornament
Dense Black Granite
HS 30”x26”x3”
Base 3”x30”x12”
Two swans Ornament.